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this factory had 8 plus acres of land with capacity for over 100,000 sq. ft. building. Please, do not misunderstand, the business addresses were given for a reason, proof the greatness of this country and for anyone to verify the authenticity of my words before proceeding with the disaster America iS facing today.

Based on the increase of population around the world and the lack of proper education to cope with that increase, our future is facing a Catastrophic ending.

Brief history of Cuba: After 60 years of Communism, Fidel Castro and friends, own a line of hotels, a line of restaurants, purchased two islands IN WHICH ONE OF THOSE TWO ISLANDS LIVE FIDEL CASTRO’S DAUGHTER, In the country of Spain, numbered bank accounts in Europe so no one can track them, etc. While in Cuba the entire population’s salaries are $ 20 to $ 25 dollars per month, when they go to a store, only allowed one quarter pound of beef per person per week, every TV and RADIO STATION, newspapers and any other media of communication , blocked by planted monitors in every one of their facilities to publish only what is allowed by the Communist Government.

Venezuela: After more than 16 years of Communism, a nation rich in petroleum, totally destroyed by Hugo Chavez, followed by Maduro, limiting the electric power, the food hard to find, protest on the streets asking for a change of government, HELPED BY FIDEL CASTRO WITH THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS, BUSINESS PERSONAL IN THE TRAINING TOWARD COMMUNISM FOR THE FASTEST AND BEST WAY TO CONTROL THEIR POPULATION.

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