My Warning To America

To America: The island of Cuba is only 90 miles from our shores. After 50 years of Communism, the Castro family owns in Spain a line of hotels, restaurants, 2 islands, in one of them Castro’s daughter lives. Billions of dollars were stolen from the Cuban people. In Cuba only one quarter of a pound of meat per person is allowed, and one pair of shoes per person per year, etc. etc. Salaries are between 20 and 25 dollars per month. Doctors that can afford a car, use their cars as taxis to supplement their income.

In America, Hillary Clinton makes lies with promises about education, economy, while having in mind the total control of this wonderful nation. Proof: Remove the 2nd amendment, gave away 20% of the uranium belonging to America to other nations. This is aid to the enemy. The first amendment states “TREASON” is punishable with years in jail or even death.

OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA, more than 3 million people voted for her than President Trump. This is proof the We The People do not know that Hillary was affiliated to the Communist Party, and we do not know how to analyze that her way of thinking by the way she talks. She is a communist by Heart and Soul.

I am an 82 year old man, giving you my experience to avoid you to make the same mistake I did by believing Fidel Castro.

May the Lord protect you forever, Rey Sanchez

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