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Advice to America

I am an 82 years old man. my comments are based on personal experience and not trying to promote FEAR to the entire population of the most beautiful Country on Earth.  I went back to Cuba in 1959 after Fidel Castro’s take over because I was one of  His followers.  When I got there, my Grandfather  (He raised me from the age of 2 and half years to my 19 plus years, in his farm, when I came to the U.S.A.) told me:  Rey, this is not what we thought, this is COMMUNISM.  My answer was: Oh no Papayeyo (nick name given by all His grandchildren) Fidel has to act this way due to the terrible situation left by Ex-Dictator Batista. Three months went by and I told Him “Papayeyo” you are right about Fidel Castro, He is a Communist and my Child (1 year old at that time) is not going to be raised under such a political system. 8 months after that for a total of 11 plus months, I came back to the U.S.A.. My Firm opinion: When President Trump leaves the office of the Presidency, whithin the next 2 or 3 Presidential Elections, America will be under a Communist-Muslim Radical President that will totally destroy the GREATNESS left by President Trump: The Swamp totally drained to perfection, will be changed to a Cesspool of Human Waste covering Washington D.C.. This will happen Due to the indoctrination taking place in America today.  As of right now, American voters are more than 50% with a Communist mentality. Proof of that is: During the 2016 Presidential Elections, during the Primary, Bernie Sanders got millions of Americans to follow Him despite the fact that He Clearly proclaimed He is a Socialist, Socialism and Communism are like twin brothers with very little difference.  Three million votes where given to Hillary Clinton more than Mr. Donald J. Trump. Hillary was affiliated to the Communist Party, PROOF lied to Congress after the FBI investigation that found more than 100 Classified documents in Her statement: ” I had never sent nor received Classified information in my E-mails” etc.. Worst of all, the News Media is on the side of LIARS AND CHEATERS OF AMERICA. They do not know, that the first branch to be totally controlled by Government is the News Media with Monitors in every TV station, Radio, News Papers, etc. publishing only what they allow to. Do you know that Cuba, after 59 years of Communism, the salaries are 20 to 25 dollars per month, YES, I SAID PER MONTH, one quarter pound of beef per person per week, one pair of shoes per person per year, etc, etc, etc., If you want America to have the same situation of Cuba and Venezuela, GO AHEAD, VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Party that is totally on the Left, this means changed to totally COMMUNIST.  America is suffering the worst case of blindness, THE BLINDNESS OF THOSE THAT DO NOT WANT TO SEE.  Open your eyes America, I am doing this Because I love America and I do not want it to be destroyed by an alarming percentage of Americans.  May the Lord illuminate our hearts and our minds to solve this problem,      Reynerio Sanchez

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My Warning To America

To America: The island of Cuba is only 90 miles from our shores. After 50 years of Communism, the Castro family owns in Spain a line of hotels, restaurants, 2 islands, in one of them Castro’s daughter lives. Billions of dollars were stolen from the Cuban people. In Cuba only one quarter of a pound of meat per person is allowed, and one pair of shoes per person per year, etc. etc. Salaries are between 20 and 25 dollars per month. Doctors that can afford a car, use their cars as taxis to supplement their income.

In America, Hillary Clinton makes lies with promises about education, economy, while having in mind the total control of this wonderful nation. Proof: Remove the 2nd amendment, gave away 20% of the uranium belonging to America to other nations. This is aid to the enemy. The first amendment states “TREASON” is punishable with years in jail or even death.

OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA, more than 3 million people voted for her than President Trump. This is proof the We The People do not know that Hillary was affiliated to the Communist Party, and we do not know how to analyze that her way of thinking by the way she talks. She is a communist by Heart and Soul.

I am an 82 year old man, giving you my experience to avoid you to make the same mistake I did by believing Fidel Castro.

May the Lord protect you forever, Rey Sanchez


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