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Muslims of the World

I consider the majority of the Muslim population are people of good heart , wishing to have a life of peace and prosperity.

The betrayal of the small percentage of Muslims, dedicated to terrorism killing innocent men women and children, decapitating anyone that opposes their criminal beliefs, is totally against Allah’s will. Allah is a creator, not a destructor.

The proof of that is, Islam has had for many years, peaceful coexistence with Christians and others. The behavior of Islamist-Terrorist groups are the cause of the destruction around the world today. Destruction that will reach the opinion of the rest of this world, blaming the good Muslims for keeping SILENT( and in some cases) cooperating with those groups.

You must keep in mind that if they eliminate Israel and America, you will be their next victims.

The Koran was written during the years 622 and 630 AD. Years when the doctrine of Jihad was made, when war started against Mecca ( city controlled by Jews and Christians ) , by Muslims from Medina ( city controlled by Muslims). The reason for this war was: Jews and Christians did not want to recognize Mohammed as the prophet from God. Isn’t is time to respect others in their beliefs? Isn’t it time to love everyone? This is the mandate by : Yahweh , Allah, and Jesus Christ Our Lord, the three names for ONE AND ONLY ONE GOD. Ten Commandments given to us for eternal happiness and justice for all has not been followed.

Good Muslims of the world, my advice is to help yourself by controlling the terrorist Muslims that are destroying all of you with their behavior. The rest of the world, sooner or later will unite against them and you are going to be caught in the crossfire. For my good wishes toward all of you, I am trying, I am doing my best to reach a Peaceful World.

May God protect the world, remember:” Love creates, Hatred destroys”.

Your friend forever,     Reynerio Sanchez


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