“ PEACE ON EARTH PROGRAM “  Why do we Call  it  “Penta-Ten”?

         There are only two geometric figures that can assemble into a sphere, they are, the PENTAGON AND THE EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE.  A year ago, I woke up and told my wife: The Lord gave me the answer I had been waiting for since 1990.  A large sphere, built with Pentagons that provide me with 5 windows facing in the perfect angle to read the Ten Commandments ( two in each window ). What would you call these?,  Coincidence or a Miracle.

            You may ask: Why the Ten  Commandments?, simply because the Ten Commandments were given by our Lord, for every one on Planet Earth to live a Rewarding, peaceful, happy and healthy life, with no distinction of Place of origin, color of the skin or religious believes.

                  HOME OF THE PENTA-TEN     Description:

                  P –  Peace on

                  E –  Earth

                  N –  Now

                  T –  Through

                  A –  Agape* 

                         * Greek word: caring for others UNCONDITIONALLY, sacrificing your life if necessary.


            It is God, our Lord, the only heavenly power that can create such magnificent World. Human life, vegetation, animals, birds, fish etc. 


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