Personal Opinion # 1

Since year 1990, I am asking for HELP in my prayers, to solve, not only America’s Problems but the PROBLEMS of the entire World; because one Nation alone can’t be happy without other Nation’s Participation.                      April 14, 2013, got out of bed and told my wife: Someone or something told me what to do about what I had being asking for the last 23 years.         I did not hear any voice nor had a dream, but, I know it had to be “The Lord” because I do not have enough intelligence to come up with such an idea;  building a display with 5 windows printing 2 of the 10 Commandments in each window.  My wife and I, created the Program, “Peace on Earth”.   Now, after 5 years, we have Pres. Donald J. Trump, in my personal opinion “ONLY A DIVINE MIRACLE” caused this event, due to the belief of most Americans, including me, Hillary Clinton was going to be our next President.      Please scroll down to see  a brief  analysis of our last 3 Presidents.   Your reply will be deeply appreciated and analyzed for my own education.  May the Lord illuminate our minds to reach The Peace on Earth we all try to achieve.      Reynerio Sanchez.

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