From America’s ” Fulfilled Dream” to “Nightmare”

Autobiography based on “Facts Not Fiction”. Will look like a Soap Opera.     Page # 1

” Reynerio Sanchez’s Autobiography                                                  4/30/2018

Autobiography that will start in the last 25 years of my life, due to my age being 81 years old and the great desire for America and the entire world to PREVENT the destruction we are facing today. Destruction that can be stopped by the following three essentials.

# 1- EDUCATION- Following the words of James Madison, one of our talented Founding Fathers, ” A well instructed people alone can be permanently a free people”

The world is growing in population, faster than the proper education to cope with it In America ( for example), our books are removing the teachings of proper MORALS AND CIVIC behavior, PROOF; Comedians claiming being disrespectful to women is part of their job, that a CONGRESSMAN IN THE U.S.A. uses his power to fire a lady for defending HERSELF against HIS sexual behavior, atop of all paying SETTLEMENT with taxpayers money.

Our classrooms and our books, are being invaded by ( small percentage of teachers),  I repeat, (small percentage of teachers) directed by COMMUNIST BELIEVERS like Union Leaders by not allowing bad teachers to be fired, by those who want the destruction of this BEAUTIFUL NATION with one and only one desire in mind ” THE TOTAL TAKE OVER, FOREVER”. These actions will convert America into a “THIRD WORLD COUNTRY”.

Let me give you the description of the behavior of the last 3 Presidents of the U.S.A. in a very brief manner.

Let me know your personal opinion, by emailing me to Please use the heading: World’s Future.

A- President Bill Clinton: The creation of NAFTA. Many large corporations left the Country to make more money elsewhere, while sending their products back to America, the country they deserted, damaging our economy. In my opinion, they have the largest GREED and ANTIAMERICAN BEHAVIOR I have seen in my 81 years on planet earth. IMPEACHED BUT NOT REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Accused by 4 or 5 women of sexual bad behavior during his Presidency with no proper PUNISHMENT.  The creation of the “Clinton Foundation”, pocketing 100 million dollars for HIM and 100 million dollars for HILLARY. He went to Haiti with ex president George Bush 41 offering help to that country after the earthquake. Millions for a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE in Europe to build houses, no transparency, money disappeared and not much done. The 100 % increase of the presidents salaries, from $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 having in mind that Hillary was going to be the next president. The Deal with North Korea: ” A total disaster”. He claimed success by getting that nation to stop Nuclear Bomb production. We all know the results of that Deal. They continue manufacturing Atomic Bombs and helping enemies like Iran with the destruction of Israel and America.

B- President George W. Bush. First , let me tell my admiration for the Bush family. Well known for their PATRIOTISM AND GOOD BEHAVIOR. But, their attitude ( George Bush Sr., George W Bush and Jeb Bush ) after Mr. Donald Trump won the Presidential Primaries, is not proper for a family in their category. Pres. George W Bush; despite the Economic Condition in America during his term in office, adding ONE TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE NATION’S DEBT AND ACCEPTING THE 100% INCREASE IN PRESIDENTS SALARIES BY PRES. CLINTON, INSTEAD OF REMOVING THAT NEW LAW, IT PROVES INCONCEIVABLE GREED. He is the first President with such an  INHUMAN INCREASE, knowing that the entire population is suffering an outrageous tax burden. We have 5 ex-presidents alive today. If this law in retroactive, these 5 ex-presidents will cost an additional MILLION DOLLARS every year payed by the taxpayers sweat and energy.

C- Pres. Barack Hussein Obama. From the very beginning of his presidency, apologizing to Leaders of the World about the behavior of the U.S.A. Every time problems occurred between officers of the LAW and people, blaming the officers before any investigation of the incident, like in the case of the professor trying to enter his home through a window, calling the officer “Stupid”. The attack on Benghazi, He knew was conducted by Muslim radicals from the time it happened, yet blamed a VIDEO was what instigated this incident.

The exchange of 5 Generals ( Muslim Terrorists), selected by the enemy, killers of Americans, that from behind a desk they can recruit fighters from around the world, for a traitor that was known by Pres. Obama years before the exchange took place, is an act of TREASON punishable by the first amendment to the highest level of the Law. EXCHANGED for a traitor that left his post, ( Bowe Bergdahl), causing death to 6 brave soldiers.

American’s, do you know that the DEAL between the U.S.A.and IRAN: 15 years of no intervention plus 150 BILLION DOLLARS, 1.6 BILLION MORE  in an airplane loaded with cash in foreign currency, is enough TIME AND MONEY for Iran to get every State in the Union totally destroyed with ATOMIC  POWER plus many other things that I will be telling you later. Only these few actions by Pres. Obama, are enough to IMPEACH HIM, but our congress and our population didn’t do anything about it.

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