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For those who love America


             ” Instructive words of advice and not destructive words of malice.”   America: My intentions are to prove the danger we are all facing, if we do not stop the indoctrination taking place in our Schools, News Media, Behavior of our last 3 Presidents and our ENTIRE Social Mentality caused by very POOR EDUCATION. Despite the fact that we spend more money than most other Nations, we are number 29 in the world.                                                                                                           3  Presidents.  # 1- President Bill Clinton, impeached for lying to Congress But never removed from office.  Accused by 4 or 5 Women of  Sexual Bad- matters and no punishment of  any kind took place.  Why, 1 Woman accused President Donald J. Trump, after 12 years, declaring that she ACCEPTED Him at Her Own Will and, up to today, that very same group of dishonest Investigators keep trying to remove President Trump from Office?.                                                                            # 2-  President George W. Bush, regardless the economic situation America was facing, ADDDING ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to the National Debt, He did not Stop the 100% increase in President’s Salaries, (from $200,000 to $400,000 by Ex-president Bill Clinton, thinking that His Wife Hillary was going to be next in the Presidency of the U.S.A.). Instead, He was the first President who benefited by this increase. Plus, if this increase is retroactive, with 5 ex-presidents, this increase will cost $ 1,000,000 additional to the over burdened  tax payer’s sweat every year.   In my opinion, this is GREED in large scale                                                                                                                                                                  
  # 3-  President Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion, the MOST DESTRUCTIVE PRESIDENT IN U.S.A. HISTORY. Starting with giving excuses to leaders of the World for America’s Behavior.  Exchanging 5 Radical Muslim Generals selected by name by the enemy, killers of Americans, that seating behind a desk can recruit soldiers around the World to kill innocent men, woman and children in the name of  ALLAH for Bowe Bergdahl, a traitor who left His Post, causing the death of 6 Patriotic Soldiers. Giving Iran 15 years and 1.5 Billion of dollars, plus 1.6 Billion in a Plane filled with Foreign Cash. With this money and Time, Iran can build and deliver atomic bombs to every State of the Union. These actions are categorized in the first amendment of the constitution as TREASON (AID TO THE ENEMY). He was supposed to be removed from Office immediately and  condemned to prison for the rest of His life.  America will be under a Communist Government within the next 3 to 4 Presidential elections if “WE THE PEOPLE” do not open our eyes to reality.  For example: Last elections 2016, millions of voters followed Berney Sanders during the Primary despite  the fact that Mr. Sanders claimed He is a Socialist, (Socialism and Communism are twin brothers with very little differences).  Hillary Clinton got THREE MILLION VOTES MORE THAN PRESIDENT TRUMP. A Divine Miracle save America from becoming a Communist Country.  Hillary Clinton was affiliated to the Communist Party. Hillary Clinton’s behavior and speeches indicate that Her Mind, Heart and Soul will be toward the Left for the rest of Her Life. We should all know the meaning of the word “Left” is a nick name for COMMUNISM.   These events during the 2016 elections PROVE that American Voters, more than 50% have Communist Mentality or lack of knowledge about how to preserve our ” Wonderful Constitutional Republic,”.                                                                                                                                                     



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